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It is far too easy for any knucklehead to acquire malware kits and use them to breach an organization. Attribution for these malware campaigns have traditionally fallen short by connecting attacks based on shared infrastructure or similar TTPs. We need to have better attribution in order to defend the networks we protect. The first system of its kind, MalBeacon utilizes proprietary pixel tracking technology to discover who is actually behind malware campaigns.

This unique fusion intelligence dataset not only provides deep insights in to malware attack attribution, but also serves as a next-gen threat detection for anti-fraud systems. Whether you are in the financial space or utilize authentication to protect critical assets, MalBeacon data is the premier anti-fraud and threat intelligence you have been looking for. For a free trial, please don't hesitate to reach out to demo [@] today!

The Team

Paul Burbage
Founder & Developer
Fred HK
Web Developer

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